Our Mission

Our mission is to assist and educate shippers and carriers of Dangerous Goods by providing quality training, software and consulting services relating to the safe and legal transport of Dangerous Goods domestically and internationally.

Our History

THE BUREAU OF DANGEROUS GOODS has serviced the hazardous materials industry since 1982. It all started with Russell Bowen, who worked as a restricted article specialist for a major cargo airline and was responsible for safely loading and expediting shipments of hazardous materials throughout the world. As he navigated the complex rules and regulations to ensure the safe transport of these goods to the destination, he kept coming back to the same challenging statement, “There’s got to be a better way”. That summer, Russ launched off on his own and started the Bureau of Dangerous Goods, where he created a better way to safely expedite shipments of hazardous materials, utilizing ground-breaking computer technology to enhance the Dangerous Goods checklists that were already in place. His vision was to automate this process to make it easier for both shippers and carriers to comply with the complex rules and regulations for both domestic and international transport of hazardous materials.


Russell Bowen has since passed away and has passed on his legacy to his son, Michael Bowen, who serves as BDG’s current president and CEO. 35 years later, BDG’s mission is and has always been to assist and educate shippers and carriers of Hazardous Materials. BDG offers a variety of Hazardous Materials training, compliance software, and regulatory consulting services to suit all types of organizations. BDG originated and is still headquartered out of Cranbury, NJ but also has locations in Charlotte, NC and Saint Augustine, FL.

We rely on highly trained team members and vendor partners that are adaptable, self-reliant, and able to operate in all aspects of our business environment. We respond quickly to needs, create opportunities, and we are always thorough, decisive and will be morally and ethically responsible to achieve company goals and objectives.