ERG 2016


49 CFR

12.12.18 PHMSA Organizational Chart

06.29.18 PHMSA Clarification Letter

04.27.18 AIT Outreach Brochure

09.20.17 DOT Chart 16



11.07.19 Is Your COMAT Safe To Fly?

10.14.19 IATA DGR 61st Significant Changes

12.12.18 IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document 



08.21.18 IMDG 39-18 Significant Changes

12.01.17 IMDG Corrigenda 38-16



Regulatory Articles by BDG Staff

08.13.19 How Important Are Hazardous Materials to the Semiconductor Industry?

07.17.19 Do Kombucha Manufacturers Need DG Training?

06.13.19 Marking vs. Labeling: What's the Difference?

06.13.19 Summer is Sizzling but HazMat Should Not!

05.16.19 Compliance From the Top Down

04.17.19 Modern Tools For DG Compliance

03.12.19 USG-13(d) Explained

06.29.18 To Pack or To Overpack?

05.18.18 Lithium Cell and Battery Test Summary

04.27.18 Net Quantity vs Gross Weight

02.15.18 Re-shipping of Packaged Hazardous Materials

12.15.17 Lithium Battery Holiday Safety

09.20.17 The Importance of Using Current Regulations

08.16.17 Explosives Approvals

07.12.17 The HAZMAT Instructor Perspective

07.12.17 U.S. Highway Placarding

03.16.17 The Importance of Variations